Monday, April 6, 2020

Catching Up with the Eight Six

The first month was a test of patience in that I started daily driving the car the moment it could start (bad starter) and stop (bad brake master).


It went well enough for the first week and then left me stranded at work on Friday with a dead fuel pump.



And then just under a week later, the alternator died lol


But then the failures smoothed out and some progress was made by installing a new AC belt and charging the system with freon. It holds and works!


Thursday, February 20, 2020

The Unicorn


February 2020

After weeks of searching for replacement body panels for my 1985 to fix it, I ran into a person selling this car in Miami, only 2 short hours away from me. Definitely not a parts car, this will be restored and likely given my 6MGE / 5 speed drivetrain.

Not many people would think it, but it's exceedingly hard to find any Supras in Florida, in a junkyard or otherwise, and when they do pop up, they're more rotten than my 85.

So not only is this car a chance for my drivetrain to live on, but it's also a car I have chased after for nearly 20 years. My dream MA61, my "Eleanor". Only 6000ish of these were made at the end of 1985 for the 1986 model year, and of course, it's black. ❤️

After much hassle trying to get a loan to buy the car outright, an amazing member of the community loaned me the money.

We pick it up this Sunday. 😁

The Body Shop

January 2020

Dropped off my car to get prepped for body work. Roof has rust holes all the way through. Drivers side door, rocker and quarter panel are destroyed with rust that started from poor repair of damage caused by previous owner.

Down for 2 Months

November 2019 the car suffered catastrophic wheel bearing failure which started a chain of events leading to the replacement and upgrade of most front suspension components. Finally got my ST lowering springs on, but in the time crunch I was only about to get a Celica spindle for replacement which has given the car lopsided camber.


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Still here

I'm still here, it's just been a very busy and stressful last several months and I really need to get around to updating the site, for both data and my car's adventures. Hopefully this weekend 🤞

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


You may or may not have noticed that the "5th generation" Toyota Supra has been officially unveiled this past Monday (1/14/18). I feel the need to put my thoughts down on this so whoever bothers to even read this can understand why I will not be including this car in any of my graphic designs, especially not in association with my Supra generation shirts & posters.

When you hear or read the phrase "Japanese legends" you immediately think of the big 3; Skyline GTR, 300ZX and the Supra. All Japanese made with love and dedication from their respective companies in the pursuit of perfection and homage to the previous generation's legacy.

For me, the "mkV" is a black mark on what was once a proud and pure heritage. Always an actual GT car, more refined than the last; a 2+2 mountain pass carver. Always manufactured with the typical quality you'd come to expect from Toyota. Always relatively easy to work on and modify.

The basic chassis design of the "mkV" has been floating around since the early 2000s. Meaning Toyota wanted to bring this car back almost 20 years ago, but kept it on the back burner so as to develop hybrids and more quality trucks and minivans. Toyota's fiery passion slowly died in this time, and most of us gave up on any of the "fun three" coming back (Celica/Supra/MR2).

In 20 years, they couldn't have bothered to task a team with R&D on a reliable, more powerful and more efficient inline 6 to keep up with/surpass BMW for installation in their flagship car they teased bringing back. They just basically gave the entire idea to BMW.

The chassis, the suspension, engine and transmission (at least) are all BMW, it is even made in Germany/Austria, and has a "W" fronting it's VIN number. The only "real" Toyota I see on this car is the badge and half-assed regurgitation of a 25 year old logo that belonged to the last real Supra.

You can attempt to retort with the ever insightful thought process of "the only people whining can't afford it anyway", but it doesn't change the fact it's a BMW with a Toyota badge, literally. It is factual. And many of us don't want a BMW of any kind, or we'd have one already. Brand loyalty got us nothing but a slap in the face and comments of "err be grateful it even came back".

I'll be keeping my 34 year old Toyota, because it is actually a Toyota and I respect what they used to be. Selling out their flagship to Germany is lazy and disgraceful from a formerly honorable and quality company. For shame, Toyota.

Thursday, December 20, 2018


Just took some pictures today to highlight the Cube short throw shifter I got earlier this year. The first closer to picture is how far it sits in 5th gear. The far right picture is in reverse.

Monday, December 10, 2018

So again, it's been several months since my last post but plenty has happened in the meantime. I have spent better of the last few months really pushing to make new designs for my Redbubble store (see banners above and to the side)

However a couple of weeks ago my car had a meltdown 2 blocks from my home. At first I thought it was transmission related, because literally every sound the engine makes vibrates through the whole car now with these (semi) solid engine and trans mounts. But alas, it was not.

Apparently when I put my engine back together earlier this year I managed to crack my oil pump pulley. Unbeknownst to me, it slowly grew and grew over the last several months until it started making a clacking noise. Me, my boyfriend, and a 30 year veteran Toyota tech all tried diagnosing the noise and it seemed to lean towards the water pump. It never overheated and I watch my gauge meticulously (you tend to do that after multiple BHGs in previous Supras).

Apparently the clacking was the oil pump pulley coming apart until on November 20th it spread to where the bolt holds it to the pump driveshaft. And then everything let go, with a loud WHIRRR and CLANG. I immediately shut
the engine off (yes it still ran!) and pulled to the side of the road. I had it towed to where my boyfriend worked as a body technician, our local Toyota dealership.


I had to wait a little more than a week to acquire new used parts to replace the ones I wasted in this mess. Thankfully the Supra Facebook community came though.

My boyfriend had to pull apart the front of the engine and put it back together, which he's never really tore into a 5M/6M before like this. I had to give him hints and advice from afar, as I had no transportation to get down to his work to physically help.

He also found a bunch of screwups that I did when I put my car back together. Apparently I had installed the Xcessive trans mount backwards, which had the engine forward 3/4" than it was supposed to be. And that's where the vibrations were coming from that I could never figure out.

After a week of very late nights on my boyfriend's part, he finally brought my car back to me, and it drives better than it has in a LONG time. :)

Monday, June 4, 2018

Long delay in posting, but my car was finished months ago. Lots of pictures on my instagram here:

This picture below shows  the water leak that was the cause of this entire engine pull/re-seal scenario. It had been leaking steadily for around 2 years.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Last weekend I pulled my engine, a bit more of a struggle than I bargained for with the engine hoist not wanting to fit under the car but it made it out.

The main reason for the removal is to re-seal the entire engine due to all these leaks developing over 10 years of hard use. The worst of which, was a persistant water leak that appears to have developed from behind the lower rear timing cover. Definitely not an easy fix. Unfortunately, due to the usual circumstances, I could not get around to fixing it proper until now and the car was going through more coolant than I could afford, and then more distiled water that I could find while out and about. So the end result is running straight water for 2 years, and corroding the crap out of everything.
(click pictures to make larger)


 Yes, that is a 2JZ sitting in the background. No, I don't have plans for it currently.

Can still see the resurfacing machining marks on the flywheel and the clutch has plenty of meat left after 10 years of thrashing.

The rust has done a number on my poor engine. Up until the leak, I had been running nothing but Toyota red coolant and distilled water.

The heater hose fitting looks the worst so far, but was fairly easy to remove with PB Blaster and a really large breaker pipe.

Cleaned up the trans and settled down for the day, as I mentally prepare myself to remove the cam towers in a tedious bolt loosening sequence and bagging the lash adjusters.